Lenovo Just Launched Another Gaming Laptop With alot Of new Features all the Lenovo Laptops are Useful and Good Performance Laptops For Gaming But Lenovo Y540 is Really astonishing and best Laptop For Gamers The Design Of Lenovo Y540 is entirely unexpected from Other Old Version Lenovo Laptops there are two Different Version of this Laptop declared One is Core i5-9300H and another is Core i7-9750H the Cost Of Core i7-9750H Model is Higher then the Core i5 Version So For Beginners Gamers Lenovo Y540 Core i5-9300H is acceptable and the Cost Of this Lenovo Y540 Core i5 is additionally Cheap So right now am sharing all the Features Of Lenovo Y540 Laptops So Read it If you Want to Buy Lenovo Y540 Latest Version Laptop.

Lenovo Y540 Display Quality:

The Stunning Display Of Lenovo Y540 Makes that Laptop increasingly Beautiful and gorgeous The Size Of Lenovo Y540 Display is 15.6 Inch and the Ratio Of the Screen is 16:9 Since the Display Performance Of this Laptop is Really Cool all the Lenovo Laptops Display is Really extremely Colorful and Bright While Playing Games the Response Time Of the Display is 90%.

Lenovo Y540 Body Design:

This is One Of the Thinnest and Low Weight Laptop In Lenovo new Series Laptops there is Only Two USB Slots and One HeadPhone Jack avalible right now Weight is around 2.3 kg Mini DisplayPort is likewise avalible right now Ethernet Connection there is additionally a Slot avalible on the Backside of the Body In Which you can without much of a stretch utilize Internet Cable On the Left Side of the fundamental Body there is a receiver Jack avalible Only Black Colors is avalible right now Laptop Since all the Hardware Parts Of this Laptop are Totally Black Color On the Back Side Of the Screen you Will see the Lenovo Logo.

Sound Quality:

Inside the Laptop there are Two High Quality Speakers accessible and the Audio Quality of these Speakers are extremely Loud you Will Don’t have to utilize any External Speakers right now the Speakers Model is Harman sound system Which is One of the Latest Model Of Audio Speakers.

Memory Capacity:

The Internal Memory Of this Laptop is 512 GB and there is no Other Extra Slot avalible right now utilize another Internal Hard Drive Inside the Laptop there is High Quality DDR4 16GB avalible Which makes the Speed of this Laptop More Faster.

Console Quality:

The Keyboard Of this Laptop is 6-push Keyboard and all new Version Laptops you Will See Only 6-push Keyboard Since the Quality Of the Keyboard is actually quite Amazing and For Fast Typing this 6-push Keyboard is Useful.

Lenovo Y540 Touch Paid:

The Performance of the Touch Paid is very well Which Works Very Smoothly you Will Don’t have to utilize any External Mouse or Other Device since High Quality Touch Paid are avalible right now Y540 Own Touch Paid Works Very Fastly and Smoothly.


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