Many new phones have been propelled in 2020, yet today I will educate you about new smartphones in the event that you need to purchase another phone for not exactly $ 150. This article is for you. Keep perusing the article.

The first smartphone is Xiaomi Mi A2 Read the full audit and determinations

Xiaomi Mi A2 Pro:

Xiaomi Mi A2 Pro is truly outstanding and most current phones of 2020 on the off chance that you need to purchase a phone for not exactly $ 150. This first choice is this mobile, since its highlights and particulars are extremely mind boggling. For a long time, the Xiaomi brand phones are chic and converse with a large number of individuals who love this phone and who use Xiaomi Mi A2. The working arrangement of this phone is completely outfitted with the most recent Android, the phone runs Android adaptation 7.0 The screen of this phone is absolutely splendid. At the edges of the screen, the Gorilla glass is planted and utilized for the security of the phone.

Motorola One Power:

Motorola One Power is additionally truly outstanding and quickest phones. For games, they are recordings. Enrolling this phone is mainstream in the event that you need to purchase a phone just for games. I trust this mobile will suit you better since it contains an exceptionally excellent processors that quicken the speed of the phone. The battery life of the phone is additionally excellent. You can utilize it for quite a while once you completely charge the battery, it will work over 12 hours. The nature of Motorola One Power is exceptionally noteworthy and not too bad: when you purchase this phone in the crate, you will get a turbocharger that will fill the battery rapidly, this is probably the best advantage of the phone.

Realme U1 2020:

Realme U1 2020 is one of the most famous phones from 2020, this phone is otherwise called Selfie King. Since the Selfie quality and the phone’s camera is astounding, the vast majority just utilize this phone to make Selfies with battery. Synchronization of the phone is additionally extremely astounding, yet this phone is explicitly intended to take proficient selfies for games. This phone is likewise appropriate for the front of the phone. It likewise includes a face lock highlight that is perhaps the best element of the new phone.

Huawei Honor 8X:

Respect 8X is likewise a top of the line and normal phone under $ 150. The phone is quick, exceptionally simple to utilize. The phone menu is extremely basic. Everybody can utilize this phone. Indeed, even small kids can likewise utilize it just for Gaming The processor execution of the Honor 8X is additionally exceptionally quick. It accompanies 4GB of RAM, while the inner stockpiling memory of the phone is 64GB.

Nokia 5.1 Pro:

On the off chance that you like Nokia phones and need to purchase Nokia for not exactly $ 150, I strongly prescribe you to purchase Nokia 5.1 Pro from Nokia, on the grounds that this phone is a standout amongst other Nokia brand phones. The structure of the phone is exquisite. In the Android One working framework structured distinctly for games on Nokia phones and the film playback execution is great, the life of the phone’s battery is additionally generally excellent, since it is contrasted with different phones Nokia. The model is one of the expert forms ever.


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